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Mortar Restoration

To repair or restore mortar means to replace it. In most cases the restoration of brickwork requires the replacement of a few centimetres of mortar on the exposed surface of a wall. This serves to reinstate the integrity of the brickwork and protect the existing mortar, which in most cases is structurally satisfactory as long as it is protected from further weathering or degradation.

Mortar restoration or repointing as it is also known is frequently required on relatively recently constructed buildings as well as old. Brickwork built with cement-weak, poorly or inconsistently batched mortars are as common today as ever before. A&KA Brickwork Restorations has restored the mortar on hundreds of new homes and public buildings where the original mortar joints have failed.

In mortar restoration so we use our specially designed tools to rake out (excavate) and clean the mortar joints. Raking tools are equipped with vaccum dust and debris extraction systems to take away the old mortar quickly and cleanly. We then use a patented mortar gun injection system (another of our special custom tools) to completely fill the raked joints with a minimum of waste or contamination of the adjacent brickwork surface. The mortar we inject is a special compound based on a regular cementitous mortar with additives to improve bonding and workability and pigments to match the job. The mortar is accurately batched and of the highest quality and consistency.  When cured it is structurally sound and chemically compatible with common building products.

A&KA Brickwork Restorations can complement the mortar restoration with the application of specialist chemical treatments to the finished wall including surface binders, water repellents and waterproof membranes. The range of posibilities is huge and depends entirely on the situation at hand.

Mortar extrusion system

The mortar extrustion system that we have developed, portions of which are protected by patent is a unique combination of technology and methodology. A successful result is only brought about by the applicatio of good systems by experiences and skilled craftspeople. That is what sets A&KA Brickwork Restorations apart.

Our mortar extrusion system bears some special attention as it allows us to deliver many obvious and valuable benefits very cost-effectively.

  • Pressure injection ensure that voids are completely filled.  This is particularly advantageous for narrow joints.
  • An extremely clean process.  No mortar is left smeared on facades.
  • The latex mortars have exceptional bonding strength to substrates.
  • The strength of latex makes tuckpointing easy to apply and very well bonded to the substrate.
  • Compared to conventional systems, the durability of our repair system makes it extremely economical – damaged mortar only needs to be restored using our system once – not perpetually.
  • Our system does not require acid washing.
  • Mortars repaired using our system are able to breathe.  The degree of breathing that a substrate is capable of can be adjusted to suit the natural propensity of the substrate material.  However, surface water is repelled.
  • The strength of the mortar bond can be adjusted as desired.
  • No ultra-violet light deterioration is visible on substrates treated with our product after 20 years- post-repair.
  • Our system gives a large time saving and therefore cost savings.
  • A complete range of mortar strengths is available.
  • Rising/salt damp cured with either chemical injection or undersetting.

Laboratory assessments of our process, and a history of our repair applications can be supplied on request.

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