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Chimney Restoration

Chimneys are subject to a harder life that most brickwork. High above the roof they receive the full force of the wind and rain. Being high off the ground, mortar problems rarely come to the attention of the owner in the course of everyday movement around the building.

Sustained weathering over a long period can result in erosion and weakening of the mortar. Old mortar in particular is particularly prone to weathering. If weathering and mortar erosion is allowed to continue unchecked chimneys can become structurally unsound and danegrous. The risk of collapse is a real possibility. If your building is 100 years old or more, then it is prudent to make a close inspection of your chimneys for mortar condition and structural integrity.

Most chimneys can be repaired and returned to full structural soundness with professional mortar replacement and without requiring a complete rebuild. If you are in any doubt about your chimney condition contact A&KA Brickwork Restorations or a building professional to assess your situation.

A&KA Brickwork Restorations is the brick chimney restoration specialist.

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