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Brick Crack Repairs

Why Choose Brickwork Restorations for Crack Repair Services?

Brickwork Restoration re-filled the mortar joints with the appropriately coloured base mortar and applied the Tuck Pointing repairing the brick walls. Contact Brickwork Restoration for crack repair Melbourne and crack repair Adelaide.  We are the leading brick crack repair company in Melbourne and Adelaide.Brickwork Restorations crack repair service repositioned and stabilised the cracked / dropped sections and cleaned up the brick wall cracks and raking back the mortar joints. Houses rendered archways had moved causing the brick walls to crack and drop over the years and was in urgent need of brick crack repair.  In addition, the brick face had been dirtied from atmospheric grime, paint spots etc. and was in desperate need of a good brick clean.

What causes Mortar and Cracks in Brick Walls of your home?

Cracking in brick walling on your home or building is generally caused by either poor or insufficient foundations that are affected by ground movement which may / can have a number of causes such as excess moisture, drought or tree roots.

In a more modern brick building that brick/mortar cracking is often from a lack of or incorrectly placed control joints – vertical breaks in the brickwork –

The repair of these cracks through the mortar joint and often the brick on your home or building restoration itself can be costly and often have a short time frame before the crack reappears. The last thing the building restoration home/building owner needs is to have a dozen bricks that need replacing become 50 bricks that get replaced and paid for because of the brick repair persons inability to carry out the work correctly.

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