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A&KA Brickwork Restorations has been in operation as a brickwork contractor since 1984. We have undertaken work as a major contractor on commercial and industrial construction sites. Over the years we have gradually become more and more specalised in the field of brickwork and masonry repairs and restorations.

With a more than 25 years in the masonry trade and our development of patented innovative jointing restoration systems backs up our claim as experts in the field of brickwork and masonry restoration.


  • Mortar Restoration

    To repair or restore mortar means to replace it. In most cases the restoration of brickwork requires the replacement of a few centimetres of mortar on the exposed surface of a wall.

  • Brick Crack Repairs

    Brickwork Restoration re-filled the mortar joints with the appropriately coloured base mortar and applied the Tuck.

  • Tuckpointing

    Tuckpointing is a decorative finish applied to the brickwork joints. The final effect is that of thin mortar joints in a colour contrasting with the brickwork.

  • Chimney Restoration

    Chimneys are subject to a harder life that most brickwork. High above the roof they receive the full force of the wind and rain. Being high off the ground.

  • Fireplace Restoration

    We cleaned the atmospheric (train engine) grime, paint spots and other peoples `patch` repointing repair work from the brick face