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Years of Experience

A&KA Brickwork Restoration Services

  • Mortar Restoration

    To repair or restore mortar means to replace it. In most cases the restoration of brickwork requires the replacement of a few centimetres of mortar on the exposed surface of a wall.

  • Brick Crack Repairs

    Brickwork Restoration re-filled the mortar joints with the appropriately coloured base mortar and applied the Tuck.

  • Tuckpointing

    Tuckpointing is a decorative finish applied to the brickwork joints. The final effect is that of thin mortar joints in a colour contrasting with the brickwork.

  • Chimney Restoration

    Chimneys are subject to a harder life that most brickwork. High above the roof they receive the full force of the wind and rain. Being high off the ground.

  • Fireplace Restoration

    We cleaned the atmospheric (train engine) grime, paint spots and other peoples `patch` repointing repair work from the brick face

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