Mortar extrusion system

The mortar extrustion system that we have developed, portions of which are protected by patent is a unique combination of technology and methodology. A successful result is only brought about by the applicatio of good systems by experiences and skilled craftspeople. That is what sets A&KA Brickwork Restorations apart.

Our mortar extrusion system bears some special attention as it allows us to deliver many obvious and valuable benefits very cost-effectively.

  • Pressure injection ensure that voids are completely filled.  This is particularly advantageous for narrow joints.
  • An extremely clean process.  No mortar is left smeared on facades.
  • The latex mortars have exceptional bonding strength to substrates.
  • The strength of latex makes tuckpointing easy to apply and very well bonded to the substrate.
  • Compared to conventional systems, the durability of our repair system makes it extremely economical - damaged mortar only needs to be restored using our system once - not perpetually.
  • Our system does not require acid washing.
  • Mortars repaired using our system are able to breathe.  The degree of breathing that a substrate is capable of can be adjusted to suit the natural propensity of the substrate material.  However, surface water is repelled.
  • The strength of the mortar bond can be adjusted as desired.
  • No ultra-violet light deterioration is visible on substrates treated with our product after 20 years- post-repair.
  • Our system gives a large time saving and therefore cost savings.
  • A complete range of mortar strengths is available.
  • Rising/salt damp cured with either chemical injection or undersetting. 

Laboratory assessments of our process, and a history of our repair applications can be supplied on request.