Testimonial - Tony
Many thanks for the chimney restoration two weeks ago, I hope it was not too scary. You've done a great job and I would be more than happy to submit this testimonial:

Austin responded promptly to my enquiry regarding the removal of a damaged pot and replacement with the other pot on my two-pot chimney, capping the unused pot hole and re-pointing the fairly high chimney on the steeply sloping roof of my 1910 brick house. Not an easy job, as I had discovered, after installing ropes and a working platform, and deciding to trust the job to professionals.

Austin and Adam arrived while it was still dark on the agreed first good-weather day and made a brisk start. The damaged pot was removed, and they even managed to save the terracotta cowl I installed 25 years ago. The good pot was relocated and the top capped and mortared. The chimney itself was then cleaned and re-pointed, all using Austin's special mix. The work was all done before early afternoon, leaving me time to admire the finished job.

It was a pleasure to meet Austin and Adam, and to be impressed by Austin's friendly approach and knowledge of all things relating to pointing, bricks and brickwork. I would have no hesitation to recommend Austin and AKA Brickwork Restorations on quality, price and professionalism.