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We are very pleased to present you with a partial list of brickwork restoration projects that we have completed. The projects listed include all manner of projects undertaken on well-established buildings across the Melbourne metropolitan area.

While by no means our complete project list, it is a representative sample of the breadth and nature of work that we are proud to undertake.

Projects include mortar replacement and repointing, tuckpointing on period brickwork , chimney mortar restorations.

Albert Park

  • Tuckpointed brickwork on restored Victorian terrace103 Page St. Tuckpoint all facade.  Hawthorn browns with cream quoin corners & window heads etc.
  • 69 St. Vincent Square.  Reline and complete tuckpoint all faces.  Red & clinker bricks, off-white tuckpoint lines to blend with old.

Ascot Vale

  • 2 Kent St. Tuckpoint all Facade.  Red bricks with white tuckpointing. 
  • 22 Lorne St. Tuckpoint all facade.  Hawthorn and cream bricks. 
  • 39 Lorne St: Tuckpoint all facade.  Hawthorn and cream bricks. 
  • 17 Fenton St. Tuckpoint all front elevation.  Reline where possible above band.  Red bricks white tuck.


  •  7 Memda Ave.  Repoint front elevation around to extension.  Match existing finish and mortar colour.


  • 125 Jasper Rd. Tuckpoint all facade.  Red bricks white tuckpoint.  
  • 61 Robert Rd. Tuckpoint all facade.  Reds and clinker bricks with white tuckpoint.  Repoint all bricks on side wall under carport colour match and joint to match existing.


  •  28 Munroe St. Clean all bricks then tuckpoint all facade as per original Red Bricks with white tuckpointing.


  • 219 Melville Rd. Tuckpoint all front elevation.  Reline above sills where possible.  Red brick, white tuck.


  • Tuckpointed period home.97-99 Barry St. Tuckpoint both facade.  Hawthorn bricks and white tuckpointing.
  • 107- 109 Barry St. Tuckpoint both Facades.  Hand made apricot bricks with white tuckpointing.
    Repoint all side wall, hawthorn browns with brown mortar and flush joint finish. 
  • 680 Station St. Tuckpoint all facade.  Black tuckpointing red bricks.


  • 12 Mimosa Rd. Repoinr base bricks all elevation.  Rolled joints and colour match mortar.


  • 63 Margaret St, Repoint base bricks all elevations.  Match mortar, rolled joint finish.  Brown bricks.


  • 50-52 Silverdale Drv.  Repoint 4 chimneys only.  Red brick.


  • 9 St James Ave.  Tuckpoint all base bricks up to staco point.  Red bricks.  Changed from black to off white tuckpointing.


  • 25 The Strand.  Clean pollution from bricks then repoint all facade, red brick natural mortar.

Ferntree Gully

  • 1 Willow Rd. Repoint all front and side elevation.  Apricot clinker brick and colour match to original.


  • Ornate period fireplace with tuckpointing.Fitzroy Swimming Pool. Repoint both boundary walls. Red brick natural mortar.
  • 86 StDavid St. Enter Via Eastern end. Tuckpoint all facade. Hawthron browns and poly chromites.


  • 47 Wellington St. Repoint both sideways where required and three chimneys with flush joint.


  • 31 Brunbury St. Tuckpoint all facade.  Hawthorn apricot blend.


  • 65 St Elma St. Tuckpointed lower section up one metre. Red brick.


  • 11 Thornton St. Tuckpoint side entry chimney & fireplace. Red brick.
  • 59 Foley St. Repoint three chimneys flush cut with natural mortar.

Keilor East

  • 31 Phillip Rd. Repoint base brick. Colour match mortar with same joint finish as original. Clinker bricks.


  • 70 Kerford St. Tuckpoint all facade and repoint side bricks. Red brick.
  • 29 Soudan St. Tuckpoint all facades. Change tuckpointing in entry area to white tuckpointing.

Middle Park

  • Tuckpointed Victorian terrace.38 Harold St. Tuckpoint below first render band. Reline all other areas. Red bricks with black tuckpointing.
  • 40 Harold St. Repoint both chimneys in red mortar cut flush. Red bricks.
  • 73 Merton St. Repoint all mortar joints on original house and also all red bricks on extension.

Mont Albert

  • 40 Churchill Rd. Tuckpoint base hicks as required then reline all other areas.  Red bricks cream Tuckpointing.

Moonee Ponds

  • 12 Chaucer St. Remove render and replace windows and then tuckpoint as per original.  Red & creams.
  • 22 Lome St. Tuckpoint all facade. Hawthorn browns & creams,
  • 35 Margaret St. Repoint both sides & chimneys. Tuckpoint front.
  • 65 Margaret St. Tuckpoint facade. Repoint two side elevations.


  • 27 Westgate st. Tuckpoint pillars and bag finish infill wall leave diamond pattern. Repoint base nad two chimneys.  Natural mortar and flush cut joints.


  • 9 Walter St. Tuckpoint front wall & repoint side wall. Red brick white tuckpoint.
  • 29 Charles St. Repoint chimney. Red bricks, natural mortar colour.

South Melbourne

  • Tuck pointed blueestone base courses166 Bank st. Tuckpoint all facade.  Bluestone.

South Yarra

  • 21 Darling Rd. Tuckpoint all facade and reline where possible. Hawthron black with with cream bricks.


  • 22 St George Rd. Repoint all house. Clinker brick, black mortar half round tooling.


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