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Repointing projects PDF Print E-mail

Surprising as it may seem, a high percentage of our workload is involved in the repointing of relatively new buildings (less than seven years old). We regularly replace mortar that is of inadequate strength (cement weak), incorrectly laid or finished, or is the wrong colour.

The sooner inadequate mortar is detected and replaced the better overal job will result. Mortar replacement may require extensive installation of scaffolding and other access provions with the attendant impact on access and landscaping. Attending to defficient mortar quickly will also head off any subsequent structural defects that may occur as a result of ignoring mortar faults and allowing degradation to continue.

This partial list of new buildings repointed is presented as a representative sample of the nature and extent of repointing projects undertaken.

  • New home repointed with new mortar.Airport West.  40 Hart St. Repoint entire house. Raked joint finish with natural mortar colour.  Modern red blend. 
  • Altona Meadows.  39 Waratah Dr. Repoint all elevations, rolled joint with natural mortar colour.  Red blend brick. 
  • Ashwood, Lot 42 Beechwood Tce. Repoint all house. Modern brick.
  • Aspendale Gardens, Lot 83 Kearney Dr. Repoint all house. Hawthorn browns cut flush.
  • Attwood, 2 The Crescent. Repoint front and rear of garage only rolled jointed and colour match mortar. 
  • Baxter, 2 Newton Ave. Repoint all elevations. Flush cut with off white mortar colour. Beige bricks. 
Restoration projects PDF Print E-mail

We are pleased to present you with a sample list of brickwork restoration projects that we have completed. The projects listed include all manner of projects undertaken on well-established buildings across the Melbourne metropolitan area.

While by no means our complete project list, it is a representative sample of the breadth and nature of work that we are proud to undertake.

Projects include mortar replacement and repointing, tuckpointing on period brickwork , chimney mortar restorations.

Albert Park

  • Tuckpointed brickwork on restored Victorian terrace103 Page St. Tuckpoint all facade.  Hawthorn browns with cream quoin corners & window heads etc.
  • 69 St. Vincent Square.  Reline and complete tuckpoint all faces.  Red & clinker bricks, off-white tuckpoint lines to blend with old.


  •  20 Mason Street. Restore facade mortar and tuckpoint.